What Every Parent Needs to Know About Sexting

Sylvia McCrory / April 2020

We live in an age of easily accessible internet. Children are given smartphones and computers at younger and younger ages each year. Most of these devices are given without any supervision or restrictions. Parents unknowingly are giving their children tools that can be invaluable when used properly, but extremely dangerous as a means for communicating and searching the web.  We are finding children are being exposed to porn at young ages, some children as young as 8 years old are watching porn.

As Christians we all need to be educated on the dangers for our children. Our society today has loose morals and few concerns of living as God has instructed.

The following is an excerpt from Daily Mail in the UK, but this is happening everyday all over the world.

“Like a real porn star, Becky is heavily made up and lying naked on the bed as the camera flashes. She could be just another glamorous model as she poses provocatively with practiced moves. But she isn’t. Shockingly, Becky is just 17 and still at school. She’s filming herself in a friend’s bedroom in a large, detached house in leafy suburbia as her schoolfriends party downstairs.

Becky has not been coerced into this degrading behaviour. She is posing on her own, taking photographs of herself not for profit – but for attention. Welcome to the deeply alarming new world of privileged British teenagers who have a growing obsession with pornography.”


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This is a growing trend.  Girls are making porn videos, sending them to boys, many times unsolicited. The girls making these videos are many times the shy girls looking for attention.  It was also found most of these children are intelligent and bright from privileged homes. The girls are doing the videos for the attention, not thinking through the consequences. The boys often share these videos or share them when there is a breakup in the relationship. 

Teens of both sexes are filming themselves having sex or posing in provocative poses. Even young people who are reluctant at first are often pressured by peers to participate. 

Young people and teenagers today have fewer responsibilities, more technology in their bedrooms, more free time, and less accountability. In addition, they are spending too much time watching and listening to media touting sexuality as the avenue to great admiration and wealth. Our young people are being drawn to imitating this behavior. At the same time some websites are praising sexting as a way to explore sexuality without the risk of sexual diseases.  

The headmaster of King Edward VI School “believes that children are living in a society with far too low a tolerance threshold for pornography. Children are being sexualized far too young, he believes. This is contributing to the emergence of their online sexual behaviour.” 

Parenting is becoming more difficult with each day. Checking the photos and activity on devices is more critical than ever. Open and honest conservations with our children are vital. 

Even a child is known by his actions, by whether his conduct is pure and right. Proverbs 20:11 (NIV)

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