We Treat God Like We Treat Our Mother

Have you ever considered that we treat God the same way we treat our mothers? (The father fills the role of the mother in many families. In those instances insert “father” where “mother” is written).

I’m sure mothers and many fathers can identify with the feelings of disappointment parents sometimes feel. There are so many times  children neglect parents when their world is wonderful and things are going smoothly. Parents feel left out of being included in the happy times. Some parents try to insert themselves into these times. But it is natural for children to pull away and want to be independent. At the same time, children often forget how they received the many gifts and opportunities given to them by their parents.

Mothers are generally the nurturers of the family. Not to discount the importance of fathers or the role they play in the family. It is the mother who wraps their arms around their child when they are hurt. Mothers listen to the cries of their children. Mothers hold their children until the sickness is healed. Mothers pick up their children when they fall. 

Remember the times you hear mothers say, “Dad is the fun parent, I’m the one who is expected to be there when the world of my children falls apart.” Mothers sometimes feel left out of the happy times, not because they are not loved, but because they will always be there for their children.

Is this the way we treat God?

We forget God and all of His blessings when times are good. When things are going great, we sail through our daily lives with little thought to our Creator. We fail to have time for God. We are too busy for God. Reading the Bible and searching God’s Word is forgotten.

But when our world comes crashing down, we remember God. We want to pull God out and ask for His power to save us from the trouble that has besought us. At the time of trial, in our lives, we want God to be there for us, even though we have failed to be obedient  and have forgotten God. 

This is not new to humanity. Throughout the Bible we read of those who turn away from God, yet, when trouble and hardship come their way, they remember God and seek Him. 

God wants to be our King everyday, in everything we do. We are not to treat God as if He were our servant, used only when it benefits us. God is our Redeemer. He sent Jesus to die for our sins on Calvary. Yet, we forget what He has done for us and how lost we are without Him.

It is time to love and worship God throughout our daily lives. Others should see God in us. God loves us and cares for us. It is us who forget God and all He has done for us.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.         John 3:16

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