The Importance of Family Dinner

Family dinner is so important. It’s a time to decompress, make connections, and increase the family bond. If this is not something your family is in the habit of doing, we encourage you to make the time.

According to the website “Beloved Heart,” children who eat meals with their family on a regular basis:

have fewer behavior problems in school and are significantly less likely to get involved with drugs, alcohol, and early sexual behavior;

The End Goal

For most of us, when we first become parents, we are so enamored with this precious blessing from God, this miracle that is our newborn baby, that we don’t look too far into the future wondering what they will grow up to be.  But later, as our children age, we begin to think of the future. Here are some goals, I encourage you and your spouse to discuss and try to agree on, to be consistent with your parenting.