Why Children are Overdosing on Technology – Paperback




As we have entered into this age of technology, we are aware that technology is changing us. But what are these changes? Are they for the better or for the worse? In this book, Sylvia McCrory will expose many of the well-kept secrets of tech giants. With the focus on children and how technology is affecting their lives and their relationships, McCrory reveals ways children are using their devices, how technology affects learning, and why children are having difficulty in social settings. Readers are invited to closely examine social media, video gaming, the dark web and more. Some of the information will be difficult to read, but must be disclosed for parents to make educated decisions regarding their children. Readers will find Bible passages throughout the book along with emphasis on living a Godly life. Also included are chapter questions at the end of the book for small group studies and discussions The purpose of this book is to bring honor to God and to inform parents of what lies beyond the keyboard of the devices children use constantly.

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