An Inside Look at Education – Paperback




Christian parenting is not easy. Any parenting is not easy; especially when big business interferes with the education of your child. Author Sylvia McCrory and collaborator Melissa Wingfield have researched the perils of rearing children in today’s climate, and in An Inside Look at Education, they present facts every parent should know about twenty-first-century education in America and how it could be better for all children. McCrory and Wingfield, who have a host of knowledge and skills in the education field, understand Christian parents want to lead their children on a path to God. But how do you do this when temptation is everywhere? Our children spend so much time away from us. How do we help them? This guide offers a wealth of information about the trials of parenthood in current times, offering solid facts to assist you in making informed decisions about your children’s development. With study guides included, An Inside Look at Education helps parents gain a deeper, fuller love for God and find Christian roots and foundations to establish within your family to rear your children as Christians.

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