Making Time to Let Children Play

SYLVIA MCCRORY      March 2021

Most of us remember the Christmas or birthday, when we gave our child a wonderful gift wrapped in a beautiful large box. We watch with bated breath as they tear off the paper, dig inside the box to find the hidden treasure. It has been our dream to make our child happy, as we envision hours of delightful play with the new bounty.


Much to our surprise, a short time later, we discover them, not playing with the long awaited gift, but instead, they are immersed in a land of make-believe with the plain, cardboard box. The box has become the source of long hours of imagination, it is being transformed into an airplane, a large train, a superhero, a giant building, or even a roller coaster. There is no limit to the possibilities for this plain, ordinary box. 


And what about the toy inside the box? It has been thrown by the wayside, long forgotten. Why? The toy has only ONE purpose, it has only one use, the imagination of a child can still transform it into other uses, or objects, but this has its limits.


The box is limitless, only the imagination of a child can put boundaries on its uses. In order to understand this concept, you must first understand children. This box is valuable to them because it contains powers. Powers to give them control over their world. It provides them with security to handle complex situations. 


In the adult world, there are many things a child does not understand. They are watching and learning from the adults around them. However, in their own world of make-believe, they get to control any situation. They get to “work out” in their minds, the things they don’t understand. Children are making sense of the world as they see it and experience it. 


In the Bible, there are many times we must use our imaginations to begin to comprehend or understand its teachings. I am reminded of  Colossians 3:2 (NIV) Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.   


How can we even begin to imagine things in Heaven, without a healthy imagination, and a healthy ability to personalize what the Bible is teaching us?


However as it is written: “No, eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”            I Corinthians 2:( (NIV) 


This verse is praise to expand our imaginations. God has prepared such wonderful treasures for those who love Him, in Heaven.  If my wildest dreams cannot come close to what He has prepared for me, then, I want to share this with those I love. I want them to be consumed by the knowledge and promises of God for His believers and followers. 





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