Make Easter Memories for Your Family

Create family memories around Easter with new and time honored traditions. Here are some suggestions to add to your family celebration of Easter, while remembering the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for our sins. 

1.  Passion Walk with Jesus

Many churches have the passion walk of Jesus. If you can find one in your area, it is well worth the time and effort to take your family. Most passion walks will follow the footsteps of Jesus from the entry into Jerusalem to the cross of Calvary, ending with the empty tomb. The entry of Jesus on the back of a donkey with palm branches laid before Him is the start of many walks. However, the sounds of the nails as Jesus is put on the cross is one of the most memorable moments for children and the whole family. Ending the walk with the resurrection and the empty tomb brings to life the true meaning of Easter.

2. Dress the children in new Sunday Clothes for Church.

One of my best recollections of Easter was the new outfit, complete with dress, hat, gloves, pocketbook, and shoes. For boys this included a new Sunday suit, tie, and shoes. Pictures were made before church as a lasting memory of the importance of attending church on Easter. Being raised in a family with little extra money, this stressed the importance of respecting the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus.

3. Easter Sunrise Service

An Easter Sunrise Service is a great way for the family to experience the resurrection of Jesus. Scripture reading and worship as the sun rises representing the risen Savior will not be soon forgotten. Many families look forward to this event every year. The extra effort to get ready early is well worth this family tradition.

4. Family Lunch after Church Without Devices.

Eating out at a restaurant is a good option, but preparing a family meal, eating around the table is even better. Our Easter Sunday meal was a feast much like Christmas with time spent together, in preparation. Clean up was also a family event with lots of conversation around the kitchen sink.

5. Family Easter Egg Hunt

A family Easter Egg Hunt along with involving children in the dying of the eggs will give children memories of the family unity during Easter. 

Time spent together as a family, is precious and invaluable. No amount of money can replace the time families spend together in worship of our Risen Savior. 

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