Family Bible Study


We all live very hectic lives today, with little time left for ourselves and our families.  In this day and age, are we failing as parents by leaving out the most important part of our lives?  Are we making room for God in our lives?  It is sad, but true we do not have time for God until we are faced with a desperate situation.  And it is then, we want God more than anything. We want Him to be there for us, but are we there for Him?  Are we setting a Godly example in our homes?  Do we show our children, through the life we live, that God comes first?

But we can change all of this now.  Plan time for family Bible Study.  Make it a priority, a necessity, just like brushing your teeth, or going to bed. It is our responsibility as Christian Parents.  It will be astounding to see, by just studying God’s Word as a family every day, we will learn how to serve Him in everything we do. 

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