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Event Schedule

Great Homeschool Conference, Greenville South Carolina   March 17-19, 2022

Great Homeschool Conference, St. Charles, Missouri   March 24-26, 2022

Great Homeschool Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio   April 21-23, 2022

NCHE Thrive, Winston, NC   May 26-28, 2022

SE Christian School Conference, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina  September 28-30, 2022

Ed Excellence, Fayetteville, North Carolina   October 17, 2022

Be careful that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deceit based on human tradition, based on the elements of the world, rather than Christ.               Col 2:8

Why Christian Parenting Today?

Sylvia and Melissa are both retired teachers and honored leaders in their profession. Both were asked to and volunteered to provide seminars that enhanced teachers skills in child development, learning and the brain, learning styles, discipline, and alternatives to discipline.  These skills  were used during parent conferences and conferences with social workers, SRO officers, and foster parents to assist in understanding the mental and physical development of the child and how each could be detrimental to or an enhancement to learning. 

Sylvia and Melissa are active Christians, believing wholly in assisting children in developing a good Christian Foundation. Each have taught adult and children’s Sunday School. They understand the turmoil of today’s world on both the parent and the child. They have dedicated their lives to rearing their own children to adulthood and assisting parents with theirs. They have read, researched, learned, and taught parents about worldly issues that children are or will be facing. The goal they have set for Christian Parenting Today is to bring pertinent, concerning information that children of all ages encounter every day to light and to provide assistance to all those involved in the process of rearing children.


Education in America: What Should Parents Know?

  • The Internet and Our Brains
  • American Schools are Doing It Wrong
  • Computers, Devices and Our Children
  • The Internet and Our Children
  • Bullying in Schools

Speaking Topics

  • The differences between public, private, and elite education
  • Reasons children are not succeeding
  • The deception in education exposed
  • Ideas for public, Christian, and home schools

Future Speaking Topics

  • Why do young adults leave the church
  • The consequences of rushing childhood
  • A generation of lost innocence
  • Addiction
  • Strategies that improve education