Do NOT Set the Wrong Educational Expectations

Christian Parenting Today

I wish that all people were as I am. But each has his own gift from God, one person has this gift, another has that.                        I Corinthians 7:7 (CSB)

Parenting is hard at any time. Today’s world has made it even more difficult. Parents become easily confused when they get mixed signals about what is best for their children. Parents truly want what’s best for their children, but it becomes confusing when everywhere they go, they get a different idea, and conflicting advice. Even more troubling is most of the advice in today’s world is centered around greed, popularity, and how to push our children ahead of others.

While it is admirable to want our children to work hard and do their best, it is not healthy for us to set goals so high for our children, that they feel like a failure if they do not reach them. Children should be expected to do their best in anything they attempt.

The one who shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will himself also cll out and not be answered.                        Proverbs 21:13 (CSB)

We are ALL Different

What Christian parents should remember is that we all have individual gifts. God did not create us all alike. Some children may excel in academics, others in music or the arts, and others in sports. But some children may excel in compassion, in giving to others, and in care and nurturing of the less fortunate. We must not allow our children to feel they are less worthy if they do not have the same gifts as their siblings, their peers, or us (when we were their age).

Just as each one has received a gift, use it to serve others, as good stewards of the varied grace of God.               I Peter 4:10

Sometimes a Genius does NOT do Well in School

Many people believed to be geniuses did not perform well in school. Among those were: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Einstein, Bill Gates, and Walt Disney, just to name a few. I am by no means, supporting an idea that it is fine for children to perform poorly in school. Someone with a high IQ still works hard, they just sometimes see things differently. It is important to note, though that truly gifted students have a hard time with friendships, they may not understand how to communicate with others. This is not from their lack of willingness, or the lack of willingness from others, it is the lack of common interests, and the failure of each to comprehend the ideas each is sharing. Their priorities are different, they have difficulty understanding why others cannot view the world through their eyes.

Boredom is Good

Another topic we need to examine, is the often-misguided concept that it is okay for children to claim boredom as an excuse for not doing well, or for being disruptive. Boredom is good. Boredom gives children the opportunity to be creative, to view things from another perspective, and gives the brain a chance to be put on pause and refresh. Boredom is not an excuse to “tune out” the teacher, it is the time to devise another means of understanding the material.

No matter what goals we and our children set. We need to use our gifts and wisdom for the worship and service of God. Understanding how short our time on earth really is, can be hard. Cherish the time with your children, including God in every decision.

Psalm 49

Misplaced Trust In Wealth

Hear this, all you peoples;

Listen, all who inhabit the world,

Both low and high,

Rich and poor together.

My mouth speaks wisdom;

My heart’s meditation brings understanding.

I turn my ear to a proverb;

I explain my riddle with a lyre.

Why should I fear in times of trouble?

The iniquity of my foes surrounds me.

They trust in their wealth

And boast of their abundant riches.

Yet these cannot redeem a person

Or pay his ransom to God —

Since the price of redeeming his is

Too costly,

One should forever stop trying —

So that he may live forever

And not see the Pit.

For one can see that the wise die;

The foolish and stupid also pass away.

Then they leave their wealth to others.

Their graves are their permanent homes,

Their dwellings from generation

To generation,

Though they have named estates after themselves.

But despite his assets, mankind will not last,

He is like the animals that perish.

This is the way of those who are arrogant,

And of their followers,

Who approve of their words.

Like sheep they are headed for Sheol;

Death will shepherd them.

The upright will rule over them

In the morning,

And their form will waste away in Sheol,

Far from their lofty abode.

But God will redeem me

From the power of Sheol,

For he will take me.

Do not be afraid when a person gets rich,

When the wealth of his house increases.

For when he dies, he will take nothing at all,

His wealth will not follow him down.

Though he blesses himself

During his lifetime —and you are acclaimed when you do well

For yourself —he will go to the generation of his fathers;

They will never see the light.

Mankind, with his assets

But without understanding,

Is like the animals that perish.


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