Child Sex Trafficking: True Stories of 2 Children – Part 3



Today, I want to take a look at two children who were the victims of sex traffickers. During this research, I continue to think of the old adage:

There but for the Grace of God go I

I pray you will read the entire post today. As you read, I hope you will keep in mind, these girls could be anyone.  You or I could have been born into the same situations. By making one simple wrong decision, and it could have been us or one of our family members. I pray you will open your heart to see, that these girls did not go looking for this. Keep in mind they are children who are not expected to make adult decisions but are put into a position of servitude. 

For those who may believe this is just happening in other countries, both of these stories are about US children. Some are comparing it to domestic abuse twenty years ago, when no one was talking about it.  We were in the dark about it happening, now we know it is a reality for many families. Child Sex Trafficking is happening today all over the world and is growing daily. It is a multi-billion dollar business.

Dee Dee – Trafficked by her father beginning at age 4

Below is a summary of the story report in the Shreveport Times by Lex Talamo dated May 24, 2016.

DeeDee was only 4 years old when her father started bringing men into her bedroom.  He would stay and watch, claiming to be “keeping on eye” on the men. Afterward, DeeDee reports, he would tuck her into bed and kiss her goodnight. Her father continued to traffic her until she was 18 years old.  

At one point, her mother discovered one man had abused DeeDee.  Her mother reported the incident to the police. Her mother also, told her father about the incident.  DeeDee’s father tipped off the man, and the man fled the country.  DeeDee’s mother was kept in the dark about what was happening to DeeDee. 

The story does not reveal, how her mother managed to be kept in the dark for so long.  One would assume, it could have been a job or other evening obligation. DeeDee did learn from her mother tipping off the police, that even her mother could not prevent this from happening. Another point worth mentioning here is the abuse started at the age of 4.  DeeDee did not know anything else.  She was raised with this abuse, not knowing she was being abused. To her this was normal.  

DeeDee did not realize until much later that she was being trafficked, when she heard the stories of other women.  Her parents did divorce, and her dad moved away.  

Today, DeeDee is married with two children. She is on her journey to healing through therapy. DeeDee is one of the happy ending stories.  She did break ties with her dad. She has forgiven him, for her emotional health.  She reports, “I love being able to share the story of forgiveness against our perpetrators. I don’t have to reconcile but I can forgive and let them go and no longer be enchained to them.  Once I forgive, I am free to become who I am meant to be.”

Click here to read DeeDee’s Story

Alyssa Beck – Trafficked at 15 – her story has appeared on “48 Hours”

 The information for this post is from the article, Inside the World of Child Sex Trafficking and the High-Tech Approach to Saving Victims, March 09, 2019 by Michelle Miller

Alyssa was a “typical” teenager.  She made good grades, was nice and sweet as a child.  But she was searching for something, although she didn’t know what.  She decided to run away.  Like many teenagers, she thought the world was much better than her life at home. She explains, “I didn’t know the streets, so I didn’t know the bad things that came with it. I just thought that it would be fun, you know, maybe party, maybe drink.”

Alyssa continues, “my every day life was laying there, naked, beaten and allowing guys to come and pay 10, 20 dollars to do whatever they wanted to me.” When asked about the number of men, she replied, “Fifty…..Over the course of two weeks.”

Alyssa discusses, her life was not perfect, at home.  Her family had problems and her dad drank.  She also admits being rebellious. Alyssa started running away, eventually getting involved with drinking and drugs.  Her trafficker offered her love and security, at first. She was being groomed by traffickers.

Alyssa says, “I thought these guys were my boyfriends…..They were nice….Sweet, kind….They gave me food….They gave me the clothes that I needed, the hair stuff, the makeup and they made me feel pretty.”

She recalls one trafficker raping and beating her.  He would take her clothes, leaving her naked in the hotel room to prevent her from running away. He threatened to harm her family or kill them.  

Alyssa states the one thing that kept her determined to escape was thinking of her little sister.

Alyssa was eventually able to escape, but it was not easy.  She did have to face criminal charges for giving police a false name, for running from a court-ordered rehab. And she did feel like a criminal.  

Here traffickers were caught and charged.

I encourage you to read the entire account of the horrors Alyssa endured.


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