Cherish Christian Grandparents


Godly grandparents are more valuable than silver and gold, or in today’s world more valuable than a 5,000 square foot house and BMW. Many times, we don’t recognize the gift God has given us in grandparents who love the Lord. Take advantage of this gift. 

Many parents do not live close to grandparents, making it hard for children to spend a lot of quality time with grandparents. But for those who do, please use this resource whenever possible.  And for those who do not live close, I encourage you to find the time for your children to spend with their grandparents.

Full disclosure, I am not a grandparent yet. However, my memories of my own grandparents are of humble people who loved the Lord and were there for me when I needed them.

Recently, I have seen pictures of grandparents and their grandchildren.  These are of grandparents who are spending time with their grandchildren, doing the things the children love. Godly grandparents understand how quickly time passes and how precious is the time we spend with our young ones. 

Godly Grandparents can bring so much to the life of children.

They teach the importance of God and worship.

They understand the Bible is the instruction book for raising our children. They not only pray with our children, but for them daily.

They make the time to give children their attention.  

They are now flexible to spend time teaching children little things that parents are too busy to teach.  They may teach children how to cook, sew, build, fish, or even clean. 

They are great listeners.

They love to hear their grandchildren talk about what’s important in their world. Grandparents are typically nonjudgmental.  They make great sounding boards for children just to vent, about anything. They understand the importance of listening to the things our young ones have to say.

They are wiser than we think.

They have a different perspective on what’s important. They may not be in a position to give children advice about the world today, but they can educate children about the past. So many times, we do not take advantage of the older adults in the family to share the family history. There is so much to be learned from long conversations with grandparents.  The advice from a grandparent is precious.

They are trusted confidants.

Grandparents are good at keeping secrets provided they do not harm anyone. Grandparents can be trusted to listen to the deepest fears, or the deepest regrets. Grandparents understand children make mistakes and do not over-react.

They have the Best HUGS

Grandparents fill their hugs with so much love, children feel secure and protected in those arms. Grandparents are not stingy with those hugs.   A hug and a song can make a boo-boo feel good.  And they do not stop hugging when grandchildren reach those teen years and think they are too cool for a hug. The hug from a grandparent means “you are always loved” and “you are always welcomed”.

They teach grandchildren to respect and care for older people and the elderly.

Just by being around their grandchildren and caring for them, the grandchildren learn to give back the love and care they received. 

They teach the messy stuff.

They are happy to fill a big tub with water and wash a car with a toddler, or let a teenager cut the dog’s hair. 

They teach the importance of laughter.

They understand one of the best sounds in the world is the laughter of a child. And that laughter is great for the soul.

They care about the future for their grandchildren.

There are loving childcare workers.  But a grandparent is looking to the future and can see more potential in their grandchild than a babysitter or childcare worker.

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