What the Bible Says About Spanking Children

For those of us who are a little older, it wasn’t so long ago that spanking was commonplace in schools, as well as home. Now, we do not see spanking at school, but I occasionally hear older parents comment that children are not disciplined because parents do not spank them. As a parent and a mother, I do not advocate spanking a child. In my opinion, it instills fear, even resentment in children.

Are We Unintentionally Harming Our Children’s Ability to Be Secure Adults?

Isn’t it amazing how we can see what other parents are doing wrong, but we see ourselves as perfect parents? To be fair, we are doing much more for and with our children than our parents. Many parents are making sure to be better parents than their own parents were to them. Unfortunately, many well-meaning parents are harming their children without realizing it.