The Importance of Family Dinner

Family dinner is so important. It’s a time to decompress, make connections, and increase the family bond. If this is not something your family is in the habit of doing, we encourage you to make the time.

According to the website “Beloved Heart,” children who eat meals with their family on a regular basis:

have fewer behavior problems in school and are significantly less likely to get involved with drugs, alcohol, and early sexual behavior;

Parents Are Teaching the Wrong Values

As parents, we have gotten it all wrong and thought we were doing the right thing. The emphasis on raising children’s self-esteem, telling them they could do anything they wanted and could be anybody they wanted to be, was not only wrong, but it was harmful. I have been as guilty as anyone in this confused and misplaced value system

How to Be First by Serving Others

Everyone wants to be first, be at the top, and win the glory. But no one seems to understand how to get there.

We are constantly training, and training for one event or another. If it’s running; we are out exercising, eating right and practicing. If it’s academic; we are studying, getting plenty of sleep, and trying to absorb as much information as possible.