Check Out Our New Book: An Inside Look At Education

Check Out Our New Book: An Inside Look at Education

We are happy to announce our new book, An Inside Look at Education, What No One Told Us and How It Is Impacting Our Children is now available through our website and your favorite book seller. This book identifies some of the problems with education today and suggestions to assist with those problems. Melissa and I are retired public school teachers. Throughout our years in education, we have seen the many changes to education and the outcomes. In the past decade the changes have brought about much stress to children, teachers, and families. 

Children are now evaluated on the scores from tests given at the end of the year. Schools are now equipped with more technology than ever before, we have more communication, more educational apps and software than imaginable, but our children are not performing any better than they did decades ago. 

It’s time to consider if education has gotten it wrong. Have we ever questioned administrators asking them to show us proof of learning methods that work today. What about the brains of our children? How many questions do we ask our schools? 

Bullying is becoming worse everyday. Children are having difficulty communicating and resolving issues on their  own. Many times these issues escalate to physical harm. 

Where do Christian families fit in? Christian parents have a harder job than ever before. We need to bond together and prepare our children for the world they live in and help them overcome the obstacles they encounter.

 In our book we examine all of these issues and more. Below is an excert from the book.

“There is a monetary gold mine to be made by these testing corporations, which operate behind closed doors with little to no public accountability. ‘there’s very little oversight of the testing industry,’ notes Walt Haney, an education professor at Boston College and a senior researcher at its National Board on Educational Testing and Public Policy (NBETPP). ‘In fact, there is more public oversight of the pet industry and the food we feed our dogs than there is for the quality of tests we make our kids take.”

We hope you will check out our book. Consider giving it to a friend as a gift.  


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