A Parent’s Prayer for Children

Holy Spirit,

Fill me with light, love, courage, and empathy today. Please let Your light and love shine through me to be a blessing to others, especially to my children. Please give me the words to guide, teach, encourage, and discipline them, Lord. May my words and actions always be pleasing to you. Help me to teach my children to know You and to follow Your Word. Please allow all of the influences on my children to be driven by love and add to the Christian foundation I am building. Allow those influences that are not to leave their minds, hearts and souls. Protect them, Lord, when I am not there to guide them. Touch their hearts to remind them that they are Children of God. Help them to remember our lessons. Help them to be kind, generous, good citizens who will further Your Word and lead those around them into Your light.

All this I pray in Jesus’ Holy name,


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