10 Ways to Raise Children for Heaven NOT Earth

  1. Set priorities – Heaven is Eternity, Earth is temporary
  2. Live like Noah – Keep building Children for the future storms –Stop worrying about the naysayers, and mockers. God is the Leader, the Creator, and the Authority.
  3. Understand the Ocean – on the bank is safety, the water is safe for a short time, but over time it will be dangerous and deadly.
  4. Be an Example – not a follower – do not be afraid to stand up for your principles.
  5. Avoid getting lost in the quest for riches—once an object is obtained, the search for a new object begins.
  6. Avoid pride and arrogance, they lead to many downfalls. Seek humility.
  7. Keeping up with the Joneses never works – be careful not to covet the possessions of others
  8. Expect suffering – Jesus never taught that life on earth would be easy – our rewards are in Heaven, not on earth.
  9. Do not treat God the way we treat our parents – “We don’t need you when things are good, but we expect you to be there and pick up the pieces when the world falls apart.”
  10. Teach the Gift of Giving – the more you give the more you get. What you get may not be material possessions, but the best things in life are not things.

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