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10 Fun Things to Do During Isolation

APRIL 2020

Here are some fun ideas of activities to do with your children while everyone is isolating at home during the Coronavirus.  Hope you have fun trying these. Stay safe and happy.

1. Binge Watch Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood is a wonderful show for parents to watch with children.  If you haven’t watched it in a long time, I encourage you to watch it now through the eyes of your children.  Mr. Rogers teaches kindness, ways to express yourself, dealing with the grownup world and most importantly “I love you just the way you are”.  This is great song for children to learn at an early age, making them happy with who they are, not wanting to be like a celebrity or someone else.

2.  Art Show

Children and parents gather boxes, empty plastic bottles, whatever is handy, using glue, tape, rubber bands, paint, markers, etc. to create their works of art.  They may also use paper to make a work of art. They create a display area to highlight their work. Parents must attend the show when completed, parents present ribbons for first, second and third place.  Leave work on display for video chat with grandparents and friends.

3.  New Board Game

Children create a new board game.  Could use the back of an old game for the board.  Children make up the directions, and rules. Parents must play game with children.

4.  Puppet Show

Children make puppets using anything around the house, socks work well, let them decide.  Encourage them to make costumes for their puppets, write a script and put on a puppet show for parents.

5. Role Reversal

Children and parents reverse roles.  Children get to plan a day. Children decide and prepare meals, they decide the rules about bedtime and baths.  Children are responsible for making sure the dishes are cleaned up and the house is clean before going to bed. Careful, they may decide parents should wash dishes.  Have fun – let them see the job of parent isn’t that easy.

6. Make a story book

Children make a story book with pictures for an older family member.  It should be neat, colored and tell a story. Allow them to read it over the phone to the family member.

7. Teacher

Children become the teachers.  Children teach a Bible Story to parents, including a craft, and scripture (depending on age).  Allow children to be as creative as they want.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Children make a scavenger hunt along with clues.  Children may want to work together to make this. Parents follow the clues to see who wins.

9. Family Reporter

Children become reporters.  This could be a great opportunity for children to talk to grandparents or other older adults in the family.  Suggested idea: Have them interview a family member about life when they were child’s age. Child will then write story as if it were that year from the past.  Great way to bond with grandparents. Could expand this idea to a family newspaper.

10. Exercise Class

Children teach exercise class.  Children lead parents in 30 minutes of exercise.  Let them be the experts and teach parents.

Have Fun!!



We’d love to hear your suggestions for topics. What questions do you have? Let us research it!

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